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Uneven pain—Unemployment by metropolitan area and race

Posted by lewi0116 on January 29, 2012

Here is on the report that shock the Minneapolis – St. Paul Metro Area on employment disparities.

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The Carol Fitzgerald Memorial Fund

Posted by lewi0116 on April 18, 2010

This family continue to honor their family legacy of community service.

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Tavis Smiley Black Agenda Forum

Posted by lewi0116 on April 4, 2010

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New report on Black Male Commissions/studies through United States

Posted by lewi0116 on April 4, 2010

Twenty-First Century

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Jobless rate reaches 26-year high

Posted by lewi0116 on October 3, 2009

WASHINGTON — The unemployment rate rose to 9.8 percent in September, the highest since June 1983, as employers cut far more jobs than expected.

The report shows that the worst recession since the 1930s is still inflicting widespread pain and underscores one of the biggest threats to the fledgling economic recovery: that consumers, worried about job losses and stagnant wages, will restrain spending. Consumer spending accounts for about 70 percent of the nation’s economy.
2009 Unemployment Rate

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HUD secretary tours federal stimulus at work in North Minneapolis

Posted by lewi0116 on July 12, 2009

It was nice to see the HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan touring North Minneapolis with Mayor Rybak and Senator Amy Klobuchar.


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Minnesota Blacks in Philanthropy (MnBIP) holds meeting

Posted by lewi0116 on July 12, 2009

On July 7, at the Northwest Area Foundation, staff and volunteers in the field of philanthropy gathered to discuss several things: 1) History and Purpose of Association of Black Foundation Executives (ABFE) 2) Update on telephone conference between representatives from other regional Blacks in philanthropy (BIPs) and me as well as Norman Harrington, consultant and former Development Officer of the St. Paul Foundation with Susan Taylor Batten, new president of ABFE. 3) Agreement start a workgroup to work on building the capacity of MnBIP.

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Is your education strong enough for this economy?

Posted by lewi0116 on June 3, 2009

Edu pays higher earnings and lower unemploymentIt is clear that education has great value in increasing your take home pay and making you less likely to be unemployed.



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New ABFE President Susan Taylor Batten and Kellogg Trustee Wenda W. Moore

Posted by lewi0116 on May 23, 2009


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My recent trip to gathering of Blacks in Philanthropy

Posted by lewi0116 on May 7, 2009

When the Council on Foundation hold their annual meeting, affinity groups like Association for Black Foundation Executives (ABFE) and other ethnic affinity sponsor their own programming or events. For example, Dr. Emment Carson, former President of the Minneapolis Foundation,  made these comments on another blog about two events.


[Covering ABFE Special Session]

On the beautiful campus of Morehouse College, Dr. John Powell of Ohio State University’s Kirwan Institute discussed the role of foundations in ensuring that poor communities and race sensitive strategies are considered with regard to the allocation of the Federal stimulus with members of ABFE (Association of Black Foundation Executives). He asked whether the money will be used to maintain the status quo or transform an inequitable system? He made the point that the Federal money that was spent during the Great Depression exacerbated rather than narrowed racial disparities. Dr. Powell noted that current efforts to reform the credit system are not being implemented in a way to ensure that poor communities and communities of color will have fair access to credit. He argued that foundations must play an active role through public policy and advocacy in shaping how the stimulus money is directed.  His final point was that universal programs that do not address race will continue to maintain disparities rather than eliminate them. How, when and where will the broader field of philanthropy begin to have these urgent discussions in addition to the affinity groups?


[Covering the ABFE James Joseph Lecture]

Amina Dickerson, former Kraft executive, gave a stirring and inspiring address to over 100 seasoned and emerging philanthropic leaders. Her address focused on the need and opportunity for mentoring a new, diverse, generation of leadership and talent. She went on to say that we must embrace a new generation of activists. She raised troubling questions about the lack of people of color in discussions about the growing role of philanthropy in Africa. Why is this not a topic of discussion in the various international affinity groups?

She challenged all of us to give young people the “power, accountability and responsibility.”

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